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High temperature resistance! Enough to match ezPCCF

I needed some high temp filament that would stand up to 3DXtech ezPCCF and that didn't cost $173/kg. I've done quite a bit of testing to find something like this. Some of the other PC blands didn't even beat ABS for heat resistance! But this is it, no need to look anymore!
Be sure to have a hot chamber (55°-65°c)
This filament is great for printer parts that are near a lot of heat (CW2 backplate, TAP, hotend mounds etc) or would be great for car parts as well

Great Filament

Used this for a charity project and got great results. Printed well at standard temperatures on both Bambu Lab X1C and tricked CR-X (with MicroSwiss NG Extruder).

Micro Swiss hot end

Great to find a supplier locally, works awesome, printing with PLA to PETG. Can't wait to try something else.

Awesome ABS Sparkle Filament! Highly Recommend to everyone looking for sparkle ABS or ASA

Great filament ! Prints like a dream on both my X1C and Voron 2.4, and colour selection is awesome, for this price you absolutely can't go wrong straight out of the box prints perfectly fine no drying nothing, plus with the included slicer profiles from DREMC you're off to the races as soon as package arrives very little tuning required if any, highly recommend his stuff !

Makes it a lot easier to remove a print,and is quick and easy to remove and replace

Smooth Bearings

I bought this for an old Geetech AluPro i3 clone I use for experimenting. I replaced the bearings with the Mitsumi LMU8 together with the Mitsumi rods of a custom length from an other supplier. The X axis is now so much smoother.

Great filament

This filament prints beautifully couldn't be happier with the results highly recommended product will definitely be using alot more of it

Nice idea - well implemented

The idea to help reduce issue 6 on FDM prints is nicely executed by BMG. The product is well made and fits nicely onto the CW2. After adjusting the filament for grip and extruder motor for backlash, the CW2 was used to test out ABS filament. The results are that issue 6 still exists but it is reduced to a satisfactory level. For harder filaments (i.e. with additives like CF), a tighter grip is necessary. Have not tried with TPU (yet). Overall, a very good product and am happy with it.

KUSBA ADXL345 MCU way better than the others

I bought two of the KUSBA ADXL345/USB chips from DREMC and two of the FLY ADXL345/USB chips off eBay (for around AUD$14).

I have found after a lot of experimentation that the eBay ones have much higher noise levels (more than 1 magnitude in places) than the KUSBAs.

This creates incorrect input shaper curves and model suggestions as the noise levels significantly change the curves, even though the devices are all mounted exactly the same.

So I'll only be using the KUSBA's from now on, the FLY ebay ones can go in the bin.

My noise data with the four ADXL345 devices (two of each type) all sitting on a cushioned chair with no vibration in the same location same USB cable / printer / etc.

With FLY ADXL345 #1
19:00:16 Axes noise for xy-axis accelerometer: 178.263298 (x), 205.658301 (y), 280.819720 (z)

With FLY ADXL345 #2
19:03:00 Axes noise for xy-axis accelerometer: 241.340118 (x), 213.820784 (y), 304.419315 (z)

With KUSBA ADXL345 #1
19:12:54 Axes noise for xy-axis accelerometer: 13.054761 (x), 14.736463 (y), 20.593442 (z)

With KUSBA ADXL345 #2
19:15:36 Axes noise for xy-axis accelerometer: 16.949330 (x), 19.726780 (y), 29.954188 (z)


Best seller ever.i say it everytime but it's true

Prints like butter

Printing on a ender 3 with a copperhead and printed direct drive mount on tool steel 0.4 nozzle seems to like 245 c and 100 on the bed on my klipperised machine

Have pushed as far as 130mm/s at 4K accelerations so far at 0.2 and 0.28 later heights and performed pretty okay, my fan duct on the other hand didn’t perform well in some places so there was a few areas that didn’t turn out well for my test prints

Defiantly great material and a great price point I was printing with some really cheap asa before hand and used my existing profile from that material with great success now I will improve the ducting on this machine and do some more testing soon

Love this stuff

Been using Magigoo for a little over a year and it works perfectly on everything I've thrown at it.

Brilliant upgrade

A simply amazing upgrade to the Ender 3 over the stock hotend. Watch the YouTube vids on how to install it properly and you can't go wrong.

Just buy if you know you want it

Overall great kit worth the money
You get everything and more to build
Upgrade kits
Excellent wiring. Check your work

Mains power could be challenging for U
Bit vague on what is needed for some upgrade kits
Stripped alot of m3 t nuts. But huge spare counts
Lots of printing. Took me two weeks solid printing on an ender 3 over 200 hours

Great kit

Total satisfaction

used it on 2 prints that have caused me issues and worked really well on both. Very pleased with it.

This fan really blows

Ba dum tish.

Seriously though, works a charm in my stealthburner upgrade. Dremc shipped quickly which I appreciated.

Worth the money

I can reliably push 20mm^3/s through an E3D V6 with the 0.6mm nozzle printing PLA at 215C. This scales up with higher temperatures but I've left it at conservative values.

They may not be cheap, but if you want to increase your flow rate it's cheaper and less effort than getting a new hotend.

excellent nozzle

very good nozzle with great flow highly recommended

Authentic parts at reasonable pricrs

Parts were authentic. Cost approximately $5 more than the dodgy origin equivalent, and took 3 days instead of 3 months. Well worth the extra spend. Thanks kindly

Excellent alternative extruder

I recently installed an E3D Revo 6 extruder on my Prusa MK3S+ and am extremely pleased with it performance. Print quality is excellent and although I didn't need to, I practiced changing nozzles and found it a very quick and hands only (no tools) job.

DREMC's service was excellent, with immediate postage and quick delivery on the Revo 6 when I initially purchased it and also again when I later ordered extra Revo 6 spare nozzles.

Easy Install straight into spot. and Improves print quality.

I recently upgraded to this product.
Using on my Ender 5 Pro printer.
The people at DREMC are really helpful and the customer service is great.
I found this product very easy to install and levels great.
I've been printing now for a few days and have not had any issues with the bed leveling process.
I'm glad that I purchased it from DREMC

Easy Replacement for ender 5 Pro board.

I had a problem with my ender 5 pro board and the thermistor.
I tried several thermistors but could not get it working.
so I contacted DREMC and they were very helpful with suggesting this board.
it was very easy to install and while I was at it I upgraded to BLtouch and a smart filament sensor.
They people at DREMC have fantastic customer service and are more then willing to help.
I'm very new to this 3d printer stuff and they helped me out a lot with both the installation and the firmware configuration. This board is quite and slots in the same spot as the original.
I've been printing now for a few days and have not had any issues.
I'm really glad that I asked these guys for help.
I will be making them My main point of contact for any thing 3d related.

Total Satisfaction

The product was as expected but the care in packaging and service was simply exceptional. I have since purchased from them again.

Nice filament

Prints nicely at high speeds and has a good surface finish. Spool has a handy indicator on the side to gauge the remaining amount.