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Great service, Excellent Quality

As always - only the best of both.

Authentic parts at reasonable pricrs

Parts were authentic. Cost approximately $5 more than the dodgy origin equivalent, and took 3 days instead of 3 months. Well worth the extra spend. Thanks kindly

Spot on

Happy Printing again with the quickly delivered parts.

Replacement parts

I had a hitch- a leak with my previous block( my fault)-and could not seperate hotend and heater- replace block or order complete hotend? Complete is cheaper as I did not know exactly what parts I could rescue

Excellent alternative extruder

I recently installed an E3D Revo 6 extruder on my Prusa MK3S+ and am extremely pleased with it performance. Print quality is excellent and although I didn't need to, I practiced changing nozzles and found it a very quick and hands only (no tools) job.

DREMC's service was excellent, with immediate postage and quick delivery on the Revo 6 when I initially purchased it and also again when I later ordered extra Revo 6 spare nozzles.

Item damaged won't respond to emails

Recieved item and found inner silver lining torn and zips over top front pole are damaged also , contacted via email and they won't respond , poor service won't recommend

Hi Matt, we replied back to your support ticket(Submitted on Friday Evening) on the Sunday with a solutions with both replacement/return/store credit but we did not received a reply. Please check your spam folder, or login to our freshdesk to view your support ticket.

In your original ticket you did not mention any damaged to inner cover. Also the 'damaged on corner zipper' in our opinion it still looks functional. As our enclosure zipper on the comer looks similar. You would have to slowly pull zipper over the corner. If it in fact does not allow pull pass the corner and over, please reply back to our support or give us a call.

Update 12/5/22: We called and left a voicemail and email you again, feel free to call us back during our weekday operating hours.
Update 12/5/22: Buyer accepted our store credit offer. Issued store credit.

Thanks. DREMC Team

Perfect print surface

Nothing much to say; I would but again. Order was processed quickly. Great work.

Spare parts and mods

Needed some T-nuts for mods and these look great, I don’t need many, so I got common sizes for my spares box. Can’t fix if you don’t have spare parts.

Spare parts

I don’t want my ender 3 to go down with a cooling issue, I think the original fans should also be good as replacement fans

Spare parts

Spare parts for my printer, plus larger nozzles to try get some stronger prints, to make bushes, etc ,

Total Satisfaction again

the product works as it should and could be purchased in many stores but few stores if any offer this level of service. thank you

Total Satisfaction

The service from this business is 5 star plus whatever it takes. The part fitted and all was up and going again very quickly. thank you

Amazing service as always

Great products and best customer service out there.
DREMC provide the best support i have ever experienced and are my goto store for all my 3d parts. Keep up the great work guys!

Don't buy cheap **** from amazon

Worth the premium, works out of the box, motors are quieter than my PSU fan.

Beefy, resilient board

I used OctoKlipper with a RPi 4B to operate the printer. It's survived dodgy driver chips and a thermal runaway (yep... it grounded through the thermistor wires without frying anything. Don't buy cheap heater cartridges.)

During my time with this board, I've successfully hacked together a dual he/extruder system, extra parts cooling fans, and a number of good prints.

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awesome item, great upgrade.

Excellent replacement part

Love to buy parts from a local supplier. Fast delivery. I have to solder the heating cartridge to my ender 5 plus as the cable wasn’t long enough.

Ender 3 upgrade

My new dual Z upgrade kit arrived on time and has made a huge difference to my printer. Thanks team @Dremc. William

Perfect consistant bed level

These move very little over time and are dense enough for a very stable setting of the bed height. Perfect fit on my ender 3 v2. Super quick postage by dremc too. Very happy!

Ender 5 pro, was Easy to install, works great straight away

Installed this touch screen on my ender5 pro.
It went straight in with no hassles. Touch works great aswel.

Great product and quick delivery, had a slight issue with product very keen to help with support ,sorted problem

Hard to get excited about these but the care taken to package and send has to be an industry high standard.

Awesome as always

Absolutely perfect for Octopi cam. Works great and was extremely fast postage.

Great company

These guys never cease to amaze me. They take their time to make sure the product works and your happy with it. The after sales support is amazing and very thorough. I have purchased a few items now and every time I've never been left hanging for support. Buy with confidence, you won't regret it.

Micro Swiss All Metal Hot End

Great product was easy to install on my Ender 3 V2 and haven't had any issues with it. Delivery was super fast. Great experience all round.