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Easy Install straight into spot. and Improves print quality.

I recently upgraded to this product.
Using on my Ender 5 Pro printer.
The people at DREMC are really helpful and the customer service is great.
I found this product very easy to install and levels great.
I've been printing now for a few days and have not had any issues with the bed leveling process.
I'm glad that I purchased it from DREMC

Easy Replacement for ender 5 Pro board.

I had a problem with my ender 5 pro board and the thermistor.
I tried several thermistors but could not get it working.
so I contacted DREMC and they were very helpful with suggesting this board.
it was very easy to install and while I was at it I upgraded to BLtouch and a smart filament sensor.
They people at DREMC have fantastic customer service and are more then willing to help.
I'm very new to this 3d printer stuff and they helped me out a lot with both the installation and the firmware configuration. This board is quite and slots in the same spot as the original.
I've been printing now for a few days and have not had any issues.
I'm really glad that I asked these guys for help.
I will be making them My main point of contact for any thing 3d related.

Micro Swiss hot end

Great to find a supplier locally, works awesome, printing with PLA to PETG. Can't wait to try something else.

Easy Install and already saved my work.

I've only had this a bout a week now and this product has already saved a few prints from going bad.
well worth it.
The people at DREMC have helped a lot with the installation of this product.
and it was very easy to install.

Just what the doctor ordered

A great replacement for the stock CR-X nozzle. Accurate and free flowing. Looking forward to seeing how the 0.6mm works as well.

Total Satisfaction

The product was as expected but the care in packaging and service was simply exceptional. I have since purchased from them again.

Complete upgrade kit

Perfect kit to dail in your creality printer.

Easier belt tensioning

Great product makes belt tensioning much easier and provides a more consistent and reliable result.

Much better than bulldog clips

These clips are great, they hold the build plate very securely and have a very small footprint on top of the bed. Marginally more fiddly to use than bulldog clips but a much better and cleaner looking result. Highly recommended.

Great replacement and works well.

And delivered quickly

Great replacement

Works well and was sent quickly. many thanks