This is our minimal requirement for beginners/newbie that wish to go into 3D Printing. Our suggestion is look a printer that meets at least 4/5 features

  • Bed/Mesh Leveling
  • Preferable Direct Drive (easier to dial in)
  • Removable Flex build plate (Aim for texture/smooth PEI Surface)
  • Official support from Manufacturer (Prusa, Makerbot, Lulzbot, Modix, Formlabs)*
  • Availability of spare parts

Cost: Preferable either a printer within your price range that you're willing eating loss if eventually you loose interest of the hobby or a printer with good re-sell value on second hand market. 


 * Community/3rd party support can be a gamble, as community you could always have wait for a friendly community member to reply to your inquiry and this may take a couple minutes to days, while a good support from manufacturer we usually see good documentations and quick reply time to inquiry and questions.

If you need further recommendation, feel free send us a message with your needs and requirements.



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