Zero G Mercury Motion 1.1 Printed parts by DREMC


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ABS/ABS+ printed parts for the Mercury 1.1, All parts come with both BL touch and inductive probe options. Printed by DREMC to Zero G Standard. Standard is 10mm variant, contact us if you need different ilder version.


Note: 2-4 business day lead up time. Hydra parts sold separately.

Hardware Kit Sold Here:


Standard DREMC Colours in ABS/ABS+:

  • DREMC ABS Black (Primary Colour)
  • DREMC ABS+ Sparkle Orange (Accent)
  • DREMC ABS+ Sparkle Lime (Accent)
  • DREMC ABS+ Sparkle Blue (Accent)
  • DREMC ABS+ Sparkle Pink (Accent)
  • DREMC ABS+ Sparkle Teal (Accent)
  • DREMC ABS+ Sparkle Red (Accent)
  • DREMC ABS+ Sparkle Green (Accent)


Optional (ASA CF Base Colour)

  • DREMC ASA CF (Primary Colour)
  • See above for sparkle colour

Polymaker ABS+

  • Polymaker ABS Black (Primary Colour)
  • Polymaker ABS Red (Primary Colour)
  • Polymaker ABS Purple (Primary Colour)

 Note: We can always quote for different colour selection, listed above. 

Please enter your desired color combinations and printer and add-ons in the "Order instructions" tab at the bottom of the cart(on mobile) or on the right hand side(on desktop). Alternate you can contact support for details or we will contact you after you placed the order. [Depending on filament on hand, we may not have colour you wish, if that is case we will contact you to make changes].

  • Colour Selection Accent: [See above colour list]
  • Eva Carriage Sections: Include a desire Extruder/Hotend [Please refer to Zero G Configuration for more information]
  • Support Hotend: Copperhead, Mosquito, Rapido HF, Dragon HF/SF, Dragonfly BMO, E3D V6
  • Supported Extruder: Mini Sherpa, LGX Lite, LGX, Orbiter 2.0, Orbiter 1.5, BMG

Printing Settings:
  • First layer height 0.25mm 
  • Layer height: 0.2mm
  • Extrusion width: 0.4mm, forced
  • Infill percentage: 40%
  • Infill type: Adaptive Cubic
  • Wall count: 4
  • Solid top/bottom layers: 5
  • Supports: NONE


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