This page will list any product recalls or safety issues on product sold. 


Voron Tap PCB

Date: 6th Jan 2023

Affected Product: LDO Motors Tap Kits (SKU: LDO-TAPKIT-B1)

Issues: Voron Tap V2.1 design have issue with causing burnt out buck IC U2 smoking up when plugging into 24v, which can cause fire hazard or damages to other components. 

More details: Voron Tap V2.1 design have issue with causing smoke and burnt buck IC, more info regarding cause of issues can be found on Voron Tap github:

Resolution: PSA sent to all customer on 6th Jan 2023 via Email. Hold sales of affect kits. Offer Refund/Return of Kits, or pending replacement board. Replacement board V2.4.2 sent to all effected customers purchased Tap kit on 4th May 2023. All Tap kits are using updated V2.4.2 board.

Note: DREMC Kits was not effected as we did not ship any 2.4.2 boards, only 5V only boards which was not effect by the issue.



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