LDO x Kraken Stepper Motors High Torque 1.8/0.9 Stepper by Devil Design


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Kraken by Omranello is a powerhouse stepper motor developed in collaboration with LDO. This monstrous motor delivers way more torque than you need, capable of handling up to 3 amps and 60 volts. 

Unleash the beast with the Kraken by Omranello.

For more information visit our Github: https://github.com/D3vil-Design/Kraken-Stepper

  • NEMA 17
  • 1.8° Step Angle or 0.9° [Depending on your selection]
  • High Temperature Edition(AH) (Class H 180c) Or Class B with PH JST Connector (AC) [Depending on your selection]
  • Multiple Shaft Configuration [Depending on your selection]
  • Current (max): 3.0 Amps

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