HIWIN MGN9H Carriage Block (Precison H)


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Please note is a special order, contact us for pricing and lead up time.


    Note: This SKU is sourced from Australian HIWIN Distributor or Taiwan Distributor (Made in Taiwan)

    If you are sourcing for end product or industrial use case, please contact sales and we provide B2B pricing and customisable block/rails options from Hiwin full range. Hiwin Borchure. For hobbyist you can check out our LDO Motors Rails or HIWIN China for more cost effective solutions.  

    Lead up time is approx 2-3 business day before dispatch. For more customised bulk orders lead uptime can be around 30-90 days from Taiwan. Contact us for B2B discount. 


    • Tiny and light weight, suitable for miniature equipment.
    • All materials for block and rail, including rolling balls and ball retainers, are in special grade of stainless steel for anti-corrosion purpose.
    • Gothic arch contact design can sustain loads from all directions and offer high rigidity and high accuracy.
    • Steel balls will be held by miniature retainer to avoid balls from falling out even when the blocks are removed from
      the rail installation.
    • Interchangeable types are available in certain precision grades.
    • Note: Not compatible with LDO Linear Rails (Compatible with Hiwin MGNR9 Rail, we cannot guarantee compatible with clone rails) 

    Include: 1x MGN12H (SKU: MGN9HZ0HM)



    Preload Z0, Precision H, Stainless steel. (Pre-loaded can be customised) 

    This SKU is sourced from Australian HIWIN Distributor



    Installation Precautions:
    When installing, do not remove the plastic rail in the slider in advance, otherwise it will easily cause the steel ball in the slider to fall out during assembly and cannot be installed and used normally.

    Ender 5 Plus:

    If you wish to upgrade Ender 5 Plus you will need 3x 450mm (2x Y Axis, 1x Axis) and will need 70x T nuts and these printed parts (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3960105) Purchase T Nut extra from here (pack of 10: store link)

    Ender 3 / Ender 5 / 5 Pro:

    If you wish to upgrade 3 / Ender 5, there is many options for mounts, please contact us for more information. For instance Micro Swiss have suitable linear rail mount for their direct drive, just make sure belt is top mounted.


    https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3031918 ( X Axis Mod)



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