Duet Delta Smart Effector

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The Smart Effector for delta printers allows the hotend to be used as a Z probe giving fantastic accuracy across the whole delta build area by eliminating the effect of tilt. It uses precision PCB manufacturing to ensure equal hole spacing between the effector and the carriages on the towers, further improving accuracy. It is compatible with Haydn Huntley’s Magball delta arms.



Printer Mounting Supplied with 3 PCB carriage adapters with 20mm mounting hole spacing compatible with common linear rails and wheel carriages.
Connectivity Crimp pins and housings are supplied for all connections
High current outputs 1 hotend heater cartridge can be wired to the screw terminal on the bottom of the board (5A max)
Medium current outputs There are headers for two fans on the bottom of the board
IO  One thermistor or PT100 input. The jumpers can be set for 4 wire mode to remove wiring resistance effects for PT100 sensors. Built in z-probe function. 
Voltage On board LEDs for print illumination are compatible with either 12V or 24V power supplies with a jumper selecting the voltage.


Hardware Overview GO TO DOCUMENTATION >

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