E3D Revo ObXidian™ Nozzles available in Australia sooon!

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Expected arrival time for local dispatch is mid-late November.


 ObXidians in a nozzle holder


Nozzle X vs ObXidian

Nozzle X also has a non-stick coating, but it’s fair to say it doesn't really repel polymers. We advise against using brass brushes or even paper towels to clean Nozzle X, as these quickly wear away its delicate non-stick coating.

ObXidian features a new E3DLC™ coating. What is E3DLC? - We hear you ask

Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) coatings harness the strength of diamond bonds, the hardest material on Earth, in a lattice with graphite, to form a strong, wear-resistant coating. The DLC coating also offers many other intrinsic benefits; such as low friction, chemical resistance and thermal stability. DLC coatings are not all the same, depending on composition and manufacturing process. The E3DLC coating has been custom designed at the atomic level to offer an unparalleled combination of wear resistance with anti-sticking properties. 

There are a number of different ways that thin-film coatings such as DLC can be applied to components. If you read our recent blog about some of the challenges we've been facing while developing ObXidian, you will have seen that E3DLC is applied by plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition (or PECVD). If you're interested, this video gives a fantastic explanation as to how that technology works

Non-stick properties are embedded into the coating itself. Great news for fans of the brass brush. You are free to scrub ObXidian to your heart's content. Cold pulls are also on the cards. These were two of the main focuses of customer feedback about Nozzle X, and we took this on board when creating ObXidian. Check out this guide for more info on our recommended cleaning techniques.

We also want to make it abundantly clear that not all DLC coatings are equal. We could have just used a standard ‘off-the-shelf' DLC coating. That's not how we do things at E3D though. Our Engineers have spent years researching and testing DLC coatings in search of the perfect composition for our users’ needs. E3DLC™ is the culmination of all that hard work.


Generic DLC coated V6 Nozzle


E3DLC™ coated V6 Nozzle



Brass Revo Nozzles stuck to PETG

A brass Revo Nozzle after a 14-hour print with some of the stickiest PETG we could find!

 Revo ObXidian non-stick demonstration

An ObXidian Revo Nozzle after a print with the same G-code


Wear Resistance

Strong wear resistance is essential when printing with abrasives, as fibre-filled filaments can ruin a Brass nozzle in hours. With a wear resistance that is orders of magnitude higher than any other E3D nozzle, ObXidian is really hard. Several orders of magnitude harder than Nozzle X and indeed any other generic hardened steel nozzle. 

To achieve this uber-hardness, ObXidian relies on two things:

  • First, a hardened steel insert. Retained in the copper body of an ObXidian nozzle, this alone offers great wear performance. 
  • Second, and the (literal) icing on the cake is E3DLC. It's certainly not just there for its non-stick performance. As we’ve already mentioned, DLC coatings are extremely hard. 


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