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Frame Colour: Black
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Please note is a pre-order / back order product. Please read product description for lead up time and return policy.


PRE-ORDER 2.4r2 Rev C 300

This batch will be dispatch from LDO on 30th Nov 2023 delivery time roughly 30-40 days from LDO to reach Australia (via sea).

All timelines above are our best estimate and do not guarantee an arrival time, until order has arrive and pass local customs.

Don't want to wait? Check out currently In AU Stock and ready to be shipped Listing:

Does NOT include the 3D printed parts/PIF Service

Features in Rev C:

  • Stealthburner toolhead.
  • New Nitehawk USB tooboard for easy wiring. (Nitehawk is brand name for USB toolboard developed by LDO, tested by Voron team)
  • E3D Voron Revo Hotend LDO Edition.
  • BigTreeTech SKR mini E3 V3.0 mainboard.
  • 4.3inch Capacitive Touch Screen.
  • Raspberry Pi 4B included as Standard.

SwitchWire Kit Printer Kit by LDO.

  1. If you have never touched a 3D printer before, We recommenced DO NOT buy this kit.
  2. This is a significant project to undertake. DC electronics, advanced 3D printer knowledge is recommended. It is assumed you know how to crimp cables, own a crimper, and have sourced/printed the required 3D Parts to complete the build. Experienced Voron builders take 25-30 hours to complete a build. It's not uncommon for first-time builders to be taking 50-60 hours before everything is complete and ready to print.
  3. It is recommended you read the assembly manual in completion before committing to purchase and build a kit.
  4. Read our Voron Buying Guide. In completion & note that we do  provide technical / building support via phone via apportionment and answer questions/support via email & discord.

Features & Extras

  • Stainless Steel Linear Rails - That's right, no more worrying about rusty rails. Remember to properly lubricate your linear rails!
  • Toolhead PCB - Our kit includes a modified hartk toolhead PCB. In addition, we designed a toolhead breakout PCB to make wiring at the controller end simple and straightforward.
  • Brass Heatset Insert Tool - We've included a custom machined brass tip for your soldering iron, use it to install heatset inserts with ease! Check here for more information.
  • Input Shaper Tool- We thew in a toolkit that includes all the necessary parts to help you perform input shaper calibration, hassle free.
  • Pre-cut & Pre-wired - Our kit includes all necessary wiring: cut to just the right length and pre-crimped or soldered to their respective parts. See our supplementary wiring guide here.
  • Small Tools - We include a small set of hex wrenches for all the fasteners used in the build (including a bunch of 1.5mm hex wrenches which wear out easily). However, you should definitely still buy a set of good quality hex wrenches. Also included is a small flat head screw driver that is useful in a surprising numerous situations.
  • 2mm Drill Bit - Metric drill bits may not be very common in some parts of the world, so we included one. Use it to ream the filament path in your printed extruder parts.


  • Take advantage of the Voron on Discord: https://discord.gg/voron. The community is very active on Discord and the users are very helpful on the #voron_switchwire_questions channel.
  • Since printed parts are NOT included with the kit, it is recommended get them from through the Voron Print It Forward program if you are unable to print them for yourself.  They will provide the essential parts for a very reasonable cost to get your printer working.
  • Download Fusion 360 and get a free license to view the 3D model of the printer. The 3D model is a very useful reference when you encounter anything in the manual that is ambiguous or unclear.
  • Check out Nero 3D's Youtube channel, he has tons of videos on assembling Voron printers.
  • Handle the Keybak with care! It has a tendency to retract violently whenever your eyeballs are near it.
  • Print a Voron Cube, then print a Steppy!
  • Get a serial number once you finish building your Voron.


  • Printed Parts Guide (LDO supplement) - Are you planning on printing parts before the kit arrives? Read our supplementary print guide to see which parts to print/replace/omit.
  • Wiring Guide - We created this supplementary wiring guide to go along with the included cable kit. We recommend reading the guide ahead of time: Some cable routing is required while you assemble the mechanical components.
  • Tuning Guide - We highly recommend reading over this very detailed tuning guide by Ellis to help print out the best possible looking parts.
  • Cable Chain Guide - See our short guide here for tips on our included cable chains (also known as drag chains).


Our team at LDO would like to give our heartfelt thanks to the Voron team, beta testers, and members of the community for helping us constantly improve our kits:

  • Beta Kit Testers: Steve, hartk, dunar, 120decibell.
  • Manual Additions: dunar

More Info: https://docs.ldomotors.com/voron/voronsw

Full Bom : https://docs.ldomotors.com/en/voron/voronsw/bom


Voron Switchwire, Voron Ender 3


*Promotion items are shipped once kit has been dispatched, please let us know your desire colour for in stock filament, otherwise random colour will be allocated. 

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