Voron 0 3D Printer Kit FAQ



Q: What is the LDO Voron 0/0.1 Kit?

A: The LDO Voron 0/0.1 Kit is a 3D printer kit based on the popular Voron design that uses Core XY kinematics for high precision and fast printing speeds.


Q: What materials can be printed with the LDO Voron 0 Kit?

A: The LDO Voron 0 Kit can print with a wide variety of materials, including PLA, ABS, TPU, PETG, and more. The exact materials that can be printed will depend on the specific extruder and hotend  nozzle used. For example hardened nozzle for abrasive filament such as carbon fiber, wood, glow in dark filament. 


Q: Does the LDO Voron 0 Kit come with a warranty?

A: Warranty information for the LDO Voron 0.1 Kit will vary on components depending but non consumable parts have a 1 Year Warranty. 


Q: Where can I purchase Voron 0?

A: You can purshased from from our DREMC Website: https://store.dremc.com.au/collections/3d-printer-kits


Q: Can Voron 0 be used for business purposes?

A: Voron 0 is great printer for rapid prototyping small parts (under 120x120mm) and add additional capacity in a small compact form factor.