April Store Update

Here is our Q2 April store update.

Recent world events has disrupted supply chains around the world. Specifically for Creality spares part from Creality where manufacturing is Shenzhen and many of suppliers in Europe. We have multiple orders and items on back-order since late January. Specific spare should be restock to healthy level towards mid-late April. In the meantime, we have launch universal spares parts that suitable for direct swap heater and thermistors for majority of printers. This is are specifically manufactured for us and lower lead up time and availability compare to Creality.

Supplies in Europe such as Bondtech/E3D have also encounter similar issues with popular line such as E3D Revo and Bondtech LGX requring additional 1-3 weeks lead up time for orders for instance.

Feel free to subscribe to out of stock notification for all out of stock products, email will be automatically sent out in batch at 20 minutes intervals base in time of subscription to notifications via email. If you need part urgently or need to secure them, please contact us directly for request to reserve item.



Shipping Update

You have may notice our delivery method have signature on delivery by default now and shipping time estimators based off previous customers delivery time frame to your post code. This mean checkout estimates may take up 2-5 seconds to load available shipping options.

All future orders will received signature on delivery by default. "As you some may already notice on estimated shipping calculators or at the checkout" during last couple of weeks. Delivery estimate at checkout is also live so you can select service base on urgency.

We do know some are still working from home and still wish for safe drop. If that is case, we enabled the ability for customer to allow safe drop on parcel under $100. We highly recommenced 24/7 Parcel Locker or Parcel Collect/Po Box is still a option available if you not available at home during the day. High value order will have this feature disable, signature required.

To effectively use Safe Drop this feature we recommenced sign up for My Post account and MyPost application on your mobile for quick and accurate delivery updates.


Payment Method Update

Now we support both AfterPay and Zip Pay at checkout.



Here is just some of upcoming and new launched product ranges.

LDO / Voron Kits

We have partnered with LDO with provide another option high quality and spare parts for Motors, Linear Rails and other specific spares for Vorons and Prusa. We already stock plenty of parts for any Voron kits and LDO collection is expected to locally stock end of June.

 *Pre-Order* LDO Voron V0.1 Printer Kit

LDO Voron 0.1 and 2.4r2 is opened for pre-orders, pre-order free shipping.


*Any amount of shipping will be refunded or store credit. If we don't get a reply partial refund will be processed within 2 business days.


E3D Revo Voron is up for pre-order, while stock last. If listing is showing unavailable all pre-order slot has been filled with our initial purchase order with E3D.

Do note, it limited to 1 Revo hotend per customer. Contact us if interested in more bulk or commercial order.


Polymaker Partnership

Polymaker-Logo-updated - Maker Faire Malta

We are stocking high quality PolyTerra™ PLA, PETG, ABS, ASA and their professional range. At this stage filament is only online delivery and pick for 10+ Rolls. We do offer a free shipping within Queensland for any filament order over $150.

If you interested in PolyTerra range for your print business contact us for sample or free consultation.

Why Polymaker?

They manufacture a large varieties of 3D filament for many applications and delivers high quality filament with mechanical proprieties listed for all filament allow selection of material easy for any project and most important future spool will be more environmental friendly with minimal plastic in their packaging.

Do note, existing stock may be still plastic spool but Polyterra range is a current range with only cardboard spool.


Creality Sprite Extruder Spares (Ender 3 S1 / CR10 Smart Pro)

Creality specific spare for sprite extruder will be in stock mid-late April while full sprite replacement and upgrade is expected to start of Q3.

DREMC All Metal Hotend is released

Competitive priced all metal hotend kit at $65. Best suit in replacing stock PTFE hotend on Ender 3 Series.

Fully Assembled hotend is available towards May.

Product Listing: https://store.dremc.com.au/products/bi-metal-hotend-kit-for-cr10-ender-3-printers

DREMC All Metal Hotend Kit for CR10 / Ender 3 /5 / 6 Printers

Sunon Maglev 24v Fans

We are stocking premium 4010 axial fan featuring Maglev which offer a higher reliability. Simple upgrade for most 3D Printer such as popular Ender 3 / 5 Series, but would require crimping or soldering wire together similar to universal Creality Fan spares. 

Explore Sunon Range


Sunon Maglev 5v Fans for Prusa

5V Prusa specific fan are in stock now, a direct drop replacement with hotend cooling fan on MK3. It offer significantly better performance compare to stock Noctua hotend fan.  

Explore Sunon Range


International Shipping

We now offering more shipping to following international countries : New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan, United States, Japan excluding filament printer kits, but if you interested please contact us for a shipping quote. Australia Post International is our recommenced service but we also do offer Sendle International (International) for New Zealand as lower cost alternatives. 


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