Currently servicing FDM(Fused Deposition Modeling) printers only

Contact us or create a ticket for a quote. 


Printers: Creality, Any Cubic, Prusa


Printer drop off in South Side Brisbane or contact us to arrange for courier drop/pick up. 


Repair turnaround will depend on issue/upgrades and will be provided in communication. 


Labor price table:

Initial 1 Hour  $60
Additional 1 Hour Labour  $40
Ferrule Upgrade  $70
Motherboard Upgrade  $90
Firmware Upgrade  $10

Repair/upgrade parts are not included. Any repair parts/upgrade parts has be fully paid before upgrade/repair are carried out. 


Upgrade / Service:

Ferrule Upgrade: Includes Parts + Labour + Validation (Test Print) 

Motherboard Upgrade: Includes Ferrule + Labour + Validation (Test Print)  + Firmware upgrade if required. (Motherboard not included)

Motherboard Firmware Update: We only support firmware update using official pre compiled from OEMs or custom firmware we use on our in house printers which has been testes extensively. [Purchase Here]


Note: Additional mods such as case or custom mounting is not included in the pricing. 


Prices include GST and in AUD



Warranty on parts:

Any repair parts or upgrade is cover by manufacturer warranty unless states on invoice. Bare in mind only limited manufacturer and suppliers offer warranty on 3D printing parts for instance Slice Engineering/Capricorn offer limited warranty, while majority are for DOA product which we will check upon install/upgrade. 

If the replaced part fail within specific manufacturer warranty the part is require to be sent back for RMA and will be replaced/refund/repaired base on case by case basis as it would have been if you have purchase directly yourself on our store.  


Warranty on repair:

In most cases, we warrant the labour for 3 months, however any of the following are NOT covered from warranty:

  1. Any problems that occur due to a different issue will be considerate as a separate issue will not be cover under warranty. 
  2. Any issue found that we deem unrelated to the fault fixed, it will be a separate repair; even if the symptoms of the fault are the same, but the cause is different.
  3. Any issues that are re-occurrence of the problem to be due to incorrect use, misuse (i.e. some slicer settings, incorrect calibrations, incorrect use of filaments) after repairs.

NB: Attempting to fix the problem without first consulting us also voids warranty immediately. Please feel free to contact us anytime if should you have any further questions or concerns. 


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